And 5 minutes from Tenuta Moses Gallipoli e It deserves more than one visit to the beautiful views, for art, history, the sea and the traditions. In the old town you can discover the most beautiful corners: the churches of the Brotherhoods to the fortress palaces along the Riviera Nazario Sauro, the baroque Cathedral of S. Agata to oil mills, to go up in the stands of the Castle and admire the new city, after visiting the inner salt, hosting interesting exhibits, come “Lampante. Gallipoli, oil city”, until the 3 November. The exhibition celebrates the "liquid gold" from the sixteenth century Gallipoli became the largest European Square for the production and marketing of lamp oil, "Illuminating" cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam and entertaining, with them rich trade and cultural exchanges.


From 23 al 25 July Every year we celebrate santa Cristina, the girl with the body pierced by arrows, that in 1867 Gallipoli freed from cholera. To her from Gallipoli devote party felt and fishermen, before going out to sea, the rely prayers. She is named after the chapel in the harbor, while his statue is in the Church of Santa Maria of Purity, It desired by the confraternity of "Bastasi", longshoremen that erected in '600. Every 23 July, all 19, The procession moves from the top of the ramparts along the streets of the old village, between the rhythms of the music band, with the soldiers in full uniform, and the brothers of Our Lady of Purity dressed in white. The 24 July, all 17, the faithful gather in “port of Canneto” for the custom of the most characteristic, the funny, that of cuccagna. Everything is allowed in those days of celebration, except swim. For an old belief dating back to 1807, that a boy died at sea, it is said that the Holy "brings steddha"And you have to have respect and give up bathing, even if the heat is stifling. This year will be celebrated until the 26 July, when there will be the Orietta Berti concert (Festival Committee S. Cristina, cell.3881874231)