A greedy journey from the garden to the table

Crossed the door of Tenuta Mosè, elegant rooms and rooms open up leading to a large orangery, bright and surrounded by the Mediterranean garden, that welcomes The Petrosino, our restaurant open to all.

The gastronomic proposal is a synthesis of tradition and creativity, of balance and technique.

A delicious journey through the local dishes customized by the chef's inspiration.

Unexpected dishes arrive on the table, with clear flavors: fresh fish is the protagonist, accompanied by a fragrant Fiano of own production, but also excellent meats, like lamb casserole with vegetables from the garden. Homemade bread and desserts.

The wine list is the result of careful and passionate research. Many special labels, produced by small cellars, led by "ethical" winemakers, whose main theme is quality and respect for the consumer.

After dinner, nice to converse in the garden or sit in the Club House to drink good coffee and enjoy a good selection of spirits. In the background the scenes of an ancient garden painted on the walls and in the background the seductive notes of an old gramophone.


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