What fragrance has faith? that incense, but also myrrh and the woody oud, sandal, of the Rose, jasmine and amber. We discovered during the event organized 20 July last in the beautiful garden of Tenuta Moses, where all the senses are involved, starting by smell. Designed and coordinated by Gabriele Thomas dell'Olfattoteca Tuglie you talked about aromas and religions with many experts, moderated by journalist and writer Piero Antonio Toma. Dominican Father Francesco Maria Marino, rector of the Shrine of Our Lady of Culture Parabita, Martino Cerizza, Professor of olfactory arts and experienced composer nose, Mauro Malatini herbalist and "perfume of the soul" and the olfactory creative Sarah-Teresa Toma, during the evening presented their fragrances linked to religions. And then the teacher of sacred music Enrico Zullino, cellist, pianist, composer and orchestra conductor; the dishes linked to the three religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) Our chef Giuseppe Leone and sweets theme of pastry Alessandro Provenzano Alda Tuglie.


Salento Book Festival

Are the courts, the squares, the lanes, the churchyards and the castles of our original villages theater festival, now in its ninth edition e organized by the cultural National Book Festival chaired by the inventor Gianpiero Pisanello, with the artistic direction of Luca Bianchini.

Thena celebration of culture, with authors, writers and journalists presenting their books.

Engaging meetings and debates against the backdrop of natural settings of authentic beauty.

Do not miss the many events from June to late August, as the next steps that will see Paolo Gentiloni with his book "The challenge impopulista" (Rizzoli), the 28 July a Gallipoli in Piazza Tellini pm 20.30 it's Monday 29 July a Corigliano d'Otranto al Castle at 20.30. Two events to August a Galatina: Monday 26 Stefano Benni and its “Dancing Paradiso” (Feltrinelli) in Piazzetta Orsini at 20.30 is Saturday 31 in beautiful St. Peter's Square at hours 20.30 Vittorio Sgarbi e "The Twentieth Century Volume II: Lucio Fontana, Piero Guccione " (The Ship of Theseus).